RCB School Scholarship – Hua Hin

Every year our club will organize a fellowship trip to Hua Hin. The visit serves 2 purposes; firstly to present the scholarship money raised from the members of the Rotary Club of Bangkok directly to the scholarship recipients at the Rotary Club of Bangkok School in Hua Hin and secondly, to meet up again with […]

Rotary One Day 2011 – 2012

The one-day activities were proposed by District 3350 for Rotarians to be involved in community services. More than 28 clubs in District 3350 joined in with this project and RCB contributed 20,000 baht to this project. Rotary One Day is a unique operation with various components, all aimed helping improve the community chosen, through unique […]


PROJECT BACKGROUND On the Auspicious Occasion of the 80th Birthday Anniversary of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, who is the Royal Patron of the Rotary Movements in Thailand, and in consideration of the economically disadvantaged situation along with the environmental problems obtaining in the north-eastern region of Thailand, the Rotary Club of Bangkok (RCB), in collaboration with […]


REACT (Rotary Education For AIDS Affected Children In Thailand) Launched in the 1997-1998 Rotary Year, the REACT project was designed to support the work of the Panyapiwat Foundation through the provision of educational grants to children orphaned by AIDS. These Children do not have AIDS. Most of their parents had AIDS and have died and […]

Water Treatment Projects

Chinat – Watsrismosorn School We approved a water filter system for up to Bht. 40,000 for Wat Srisamosorn School, Chainat, and we will ask the Rotary Club of Chai Nat to help with arrangements. This is the school we visited on the fellowship trip to Chinat at the beginning of October 2009. Update for Chinat: […]

Projects with other clubs, 2010

Projects with other clubs in Thailand or clubs abroad, using club DDF funds and club cash contributions: Under the President’s initiatives, several projects are initiated and managed by other clubs and our club supports with donations to promote inter club fellowship and joint activity. The board has approved the following projects to date: On December […]

Post-Tsunami Project

Post-Tsunami Project at Tha Thong Lang and Tha Len in Krabi article Village Bank in Operation Hand over ceremony of the fund from Rotary Clubs of Calgary, Las Vegas, and Bangkok on August 17, 2006 PowerPoint Presentation from PDA by Khun Mechai New Professional Education Post Tsunami Project: Christine has received from a Wellness Center […]

Finalized Water Treatments

Japanese Water Treatment : Japanese Rotary Club of Mitaka sending Triclean for purifying water to be used for schools in needy area. Status: Received lots of information from Rtn. Tanabe Akin and application forwarded to FDA. Will get a response from FDA in February. And sent letter to Disaster Department as the designated recipient.