Rotary Club of Bangkok Community Projects 2022-2023

Rotary’s motto is “Service Above Self.” Rotarians are known as people of action. Here’s what this meant from July 2022 to July 2023 under the leadership of President Nico Reschke. We concluded these service projects:

Clean Water and Sanitation a major global grant supporting 15 rural schools in northern Thailand and one in Nan Province with water pumps and filtration systems.

Protect the Environment by launching a Zero Waste Project in the Rotary Club Bangkok Hua Hin School.

Peace and Conflict Resolution by supporting stateless children with basic education and reducing their vulnerability to human trafficking and exploitation.

In addition to the major projects above, we also concluded these service projects:

  1. Shoes and water bottle handover to students at the Ban Pang Hi School in Chiang Mai.
  2. Educational books for children in 3 schools in Patthalung Province.
  3. Educational books and stationery for schools in Phuket.
  4. Sport equipment and water bottles for the Baan Pae Klang School in Nan Province.
  5. Workshops to prevent sexual abuse and human trafficking in Chiang Mai Province.
  6. Scholarships for 10 Students at Rajamangkla University.
  7. Career training for inmates of the Woman Correctional Institute.
  8. Registered 4 students for RYLA.
  9. Co-Sponsored new Rotaract Club in Siem Reap.
  10. Co-Sponsored youth Camp for Rotaractors (young Rotarians).
  11. Co-Sponsored the Dek Silp Camp for Rotaract Club Chulalongkorn University.
  12. Co-Sponsored the Rotaract Weaving Dreams development of the Rotaract Club Eastern Asia.

From our annual fundraising event, held last May in cooperation with our Rtn Chulayuth and his Bangkok Charity Orchestra, and together with the support of our members and outside sponsors, we were able to raise 2.2 Million THB.

But our mission is never final. We’re going to have another successful year of “Creating Hope in the World” under the leadership of our current President Dr. Lalita Hongratanawong.

Stay tuned for more service projects. Please contact us if you want to learn more about us or our projects.