Successful completion of 2nd year training of teachers of English in Ayutthaya

This year Global Grant 1746666 to train 36 secondary school teachers in 28 schools in Ayutthaya, held its Year 2 training for teachers of English for Mathayom 3-4 (Class9-10) from 14 to 17 November 2018 at Toh Buck Seng hotel, Ayutthaya. In this project RC Bangkok is the host club, and RC Icheon (Korea) of D. 3600 is the International Partner, and all 4 Rotary clubs of Ayutthaya – RC Prasrisuriyothai, RC Pranakorn Si Ayutthaya, RC Bangpain, and RC Tharua are partners in the project. The Cooperating Organization is Secondary Education Office Area 3 which oversees all secondary schools in Nonthaburi and Ayutthaya. This project is confined only to Ayutthaya.

At the opening ceremony on 14th November, Past RI Director Saowaluck Rattanavich chaired the opening ceremony, and AG Santi Chatterjee represented the Host club. This year’s training was quite challenging because of the high level expertise required. Over the next two days teachers observed how students reacted to the CLE (Concentrated Language Encounter) method of teaching and were
able to answer questions coherently. The trainee teachers themselves practiced what they learnt on the children and had CLE experts observe and critiqued their performance. On the final day, at the closing ceremony President Maleeratna and Rotarian Vassana represented our club in handing out the Certificates to the teachers.

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