Speaker: Work in South Sudan

09 August 2018 Speaker: Fahim Rahimi, Jennifer Sloot, Karin Augustat Organization: Peace Fellow Speaker Topic: Work in South Sudan For August 9th, there will be a panel of three speakers who are all peace fellows from Class 25, Chulalongkorn Peace Center. Fahim Rahimi is from Afghanistan.  He is cu [ ... ]

Sponsors 2018 July

PR SPONSORS P Maleeratna Plumchitchom, **Sole Sponsor** WINE SPONSORS          PP Chitti Dansubutra,   Rtn. Kiat Tangtrongsakdi,   Rtn. Chulayuth Lochotinan [ ... ]

Smilebox 2018 June 28

P Dr. Urs Blum I hope so much these kids get out of the cave unharmed Rtn. Nicolas Reschke Now I can relax since the German team is out of the World Cup. PP Churairat Panyarachun Congratulations to President Dr. Urs for the great accomplishment! BRAVO PP Dr. Prasas Tangmatitam No message Total: 1,30 [ ... ]