10th November 2018, Paklang Tambon Health Promoting Hospital

RC Bangkok in cooperation with RC Pua has handed over new toilet facilities to Paklang Tambon Health Promoting Hospital in Nan Province on 10th November 2018. The occasion was a big celebration, welcoming our delegation of 15 Rotarians and friends from RC Bangkok by 5 local hilltribes and staff of the hospital as well as local administration officials.

The hospital used to have insufficient sanitary facilities in their building with only one small toilet available for up to 150 daily outpatient visitors plus their families. Local groups had gathered about 28% of the required funds to build a new facility over 2 years. RC Pua identified the need to help realize this project together with RC Bangkok, who contributed the missing 72% of the funds and helped to check the project cost. During the construction time, one progress inspection visit was carried out by RC Bangkok, while RC Pua managed and reported on the daily work execution by a local contractor, who completed the project within 6 weeks for a low total cost in good quality.

The new facility comprises 3 toilets for females, 1 large toilet for the handicapped, 1 toilet and 3 urinals for males in a semi-
enclosed building with handicapped access ramp. The support of the Rotary Clubs inspired more voluntary work by the local community, who cleaned up and renovated the facilities around the hospital building, including construction of a nicely designed access path to the new toilet facilities, repainting walls and outdoor furniture and upgrading the garden areas.

The project showed how cooperation of local parties and support by service-minded Rotarians can inspire a great transformation not only of a physical facility, but also of improved community spirit. The new toilet facility – under the major Rotary theme of Water & Sanitation – will serve the community for many years to come.

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