President’s Message August 2019

Dear Fellow Rotarians,

The Rotary International monthly theme for August is “Membership and New Club Development”. We will attract new members, retain the existing members and recognize our members.

Currently, there are a few member candidates who are interested in joining our club. We are in a process of reviewing their applications and interviewing. I hope that we will successfully recruit them. We may be able to add the first young member in the age range 29 and under, the youngest group. We may also add one more female member to our club.

Last year, we recruited 7 new members. Most are quite active in attending our meeting, joining our board committee members, sharing their expertise to the club and working on certain projects. I am very pleased to be last year membership chair to recruit them and get to know each well. I hope that the proposers of these new members will be their mentors and continue extending a good support to newcomers.

We had a very good meeting attendance record in July i.e. 46, 46, 43 and 42 at July 4 weekly meetings. It might be due to our good speaker programs and all means of communication. August has 5 weekly meetings. I expect that our speaker programs will be very attractive to our members and guests.

On Thursday 8 August 2019, we will welcome District Governor Thanongsak Pongsri for this visit to our club. The program will include DG meets President, our board and members at our 1 st Club Assembly, and the DG’s giving his speech at lunch meeting. Please come a bit earlier than usual at 11A.M.

We are aware of the Lake of Love project. This Rotary Project has been initiated by PRIP Bhichai Rattakul to commemorate our beloved late King Bhumiphol, King Rama XI. Rotarians from 4 Districts in Thailand gathered to expand the lake, grow vetiver, and develop the lake side to be public recreation area. The lake is in Sakon Nakorn. Rotary Thailand will have an opening ceremony on 30-31 August 2019. You are kindly invited to witness this mega project showing how Rotary Connects the World.

You will all enjoy Rotary in the month of August!

Yours in Rotary,

Pornchai Wessatada
President 20119-2020