First company visit – Pranda Jewelry

On 3 August 2019, 22 Rotarians, family members, friends of Rotary had a great time visiting Pranda Jewelry factory, a Thai listed company.  They are producing Jewelry for export to the North American, European and Asian markets under many brands such as Gringoire, Gemondo, Merii, Ariva Julia, and Esse. We have the opportunity to tour the factory and see the production lines and asked many questions from our host.

We have also invited Rotarian Peace Fellows of Class 27 who are taking their three-month course at Chulalongkorn University to join the tour. Four peace fellows turned up. After the factory visit all of us went to have the fellowship lunch together with our Peace fellows at Agalin Garden Room in Samuthprakan. The food was great, the place is cozy like sitting in the garden, and most important of all, was that we were enjoying ourselves among Rotarians, families and friends.

Thanks Mrs. Prapee Sorakraikittikul, Vice Chairman of the company, leading the factory tour.