Clubs outside Thailand

D-5470, Colorado, USA

PDG Peter Jeschofnig: Congratulations to outgoing President Abdullah for the club’s accomplishments during the past year, and best wishing to incoming President Vasana for a successful Rotary year 2021-22.

RC Manila

Director Albert Alday of the Rotary Club of Manila

Henry Go: Greetings from the Rotary Club of Manila

Steve Mo: Hello from all of us at the Rotary Club of Manila. We would like to say congratulations to President Abdullah for a year of success even with all of the virus challenges and we wish new President much success as she leads the Rotary Bangkok for the upcoming Rotary year.  CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP

Congratulations to the Rotary Club of Bangkok. 91 years. Congratulations to President Abdullah for a great year despite the constraints from the pandemic. Wishing all the best to PE Madame Vasana. The Rotary Club of Manila looks forward to another year of warm and productive friendship working towards our common Rotary goals.

RC Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei   D3310

Clement  Yong: Hello, my dear fellow Rotarians, Congratulations to both President Abdullah and Incoming President, PE Vasana & all members of RC of Bangkok

RC Hong Kong Kowloon East

PE Charlie Ip: Greeting From RC Hong Kong Kowloon East, Congratulations to RC Bangkok for 91 fantastic years of Rotary

Hirohisa Ohta  RC Kyoto: Congratulations for RC Bangkok.  We are also in the Initiation meeting of 2011-12

Thailand RAGAS team

Jerry Nelson RC Ending Human Trafficking: Greetings from RCEHT and the Thailand RAGAS Team.  Congratulations to you P Abudullah and PE Vasana and all involved in this great club!

Chamnan Chanruang, PDG 3360, RC Chiang Mai North, Thailand RAGAS Coordinator:  Hi everyone, Congratulations

Rotary District 3350

Past RI Director Dr. Saowalak Rattanavich: Congratulations  to all new club officers and the  board of directors under the leadership of P. Vasana and the great achievement of the last year’s team under the leadership of PP Abdullah. Wishing you all the best and success for the year to come.  

DG Somsri Mekthon: Congratulations!

DGE Wiroon Boonnuch: Congratulations! Thanks

ARC Thanongsak Pongsri: Great…P Abdullah

PDG Kasemchai Nitiwanakul: Congrats to RCB!

PP Jongkoldee Pongsri: Congratulations

PP Chanisaraa RC Taksin Dhonburi : Hello ! Congratulations to Rotary Club of Bangkok

PE Peerapong S RC Taksin Dhonburi: Congratulations!!!! to Rotary Club of Bangkok

P Patchanee Kijkan RC Patumwan: Congratulations to RC Bangkok, we have 3 joining from RC Pathumwan, myself, PDG Chaivai Poonlapmongkol and PE Chutiprapa

PP Natthee Aungsuwannameth RC Patumwan: Congratulations to Outgoing PP. Abdullah and Welcome incoming P. Vasana

PP Sukanya Nimmanheminda RC Bangkapi: My heartiest congratulations to Outgoing President Abdullah for all the Club’s accomplishments in the past year under your leadership and my best wishes to Incoming President Vasana for another successful year to come. What a team, Incoming President Vasana.  It will be a super excellent year for sure.

PP Supan Wiboonma  RC Phra Nakhon :  A Little Love..by Hugo was amazing.  Congratulations to both President Abdullah and Incoming President, PE Vasana & all members of RC of Bangkok.  Remarkable performance indeed. President Elect Vasana – Fighting!! Congratulations – President Vasana. An impressive Installation Ceremony via Zoom.

PE Dr Wute RC Phra Nakhon: Greeting from RC Phra Nakhon! CONGRATULATIONS! to Incoming President, and all Directors and members of RC Bangkok

PP Phanu (Hope) Yosmetha RC Bangkok Cyber: CONGRATULATIONS! to both Outgoing and Incoming Presidents, and all Directors and members of RC Bangkok

PP Dougie Riach RC Bangkok South: Congratulations to RC Bangkok for 91 fantastic years of Rotary. Great work P Abdulla really enjoyed your year and being together thank you. Welcome P Vasana look forward to supporting your year. Fantastic year well done and this ZOOM installation has been excellent so well presented so well done to all RC Bangkok

Andrew MacPherson RC Bangkok South: Congratulations President Vasana

P.Jam RC Dhonburi: Congratulations for RC Bangkok and President AA , my friend I ‘m so sorry that I have to leave the meeting now for RC Dhonburi weekly club meeting. Sending with love and friendship from me and RC Dhonburi’s members

AG Pattama Triyakul RC Chareon Nakorn:  Congratulations to President Abdulla and Incoming President Vassana

Masa Chiu, RC Greater Yangon: Congratulations to RC Bangkok

Will Lau RC Greater Yangon:: Congratulations P. Vasana! very impressed by your leadership.

PE Dr Suchana Chavanij RC Lumpinee : Congratulations to RC Bangkok !

P Runcha Siam Erawan: Congratulations for both outgoing and incoming President and Directors and members of RC Bangkok

Thunwaruch สร พระนารายณ์ลพบุรี: ขอแสดงความยินดี กับ สโมสรโรตารีกรุงเทพและนายก อับดุลลาค่ะ

AG Prakorb Mukura RC Vadhana : Sincere Congratulations!! For accomplishments and continuing!!

AG Dr. Sumalai RC Latphrao: Congratulations

PP Ruangsin Bangkok Banglumphu: Congratulations to Both PP and President ! Also thank you both MC.

Suthasinee Kriengsakpichit : Warmest congratulations to RC Bangkok

RC Bangkok

Dr.Win: Warm welcome to all fellow​ Rotarians​ of RCB sister clubs. Glad to see you today. Congratulations to both President Abdullah and Incoming President PE Vasana

PP Charles: Congratulations P. Abdullah mission accomplished and thank you P. Vasana taking on a new challenge

PP Linda Cheng: Thank you all for joining Rotary Club of Bangkok’s 91st installation. Welcome to you all! Warmest congratulations to President Abdullah and board for all the fantastic works you have done despite all the challenges posed by the pandemic. Great meeting and right on time!!!

PP Chiemi: Congratulations

PP Maleeratna Plumchitchom: Welcome friends of our RC ​Bangkok. Congratulations President Abdullah. It was a very good year with lots of achievements. Congratulations President Vasana

Jan Graeff: Congratulations to P Abdullah and his Board for a year of great a achievements in difficult circumstances. A true story of service above self! Congratulations P Vasana, good luck and success in your year as President!

Vongthip Chumpani: A big thank you to the organizers of today’s virtual installation event!  Heartiest congratulations and best wishes to the outgoing President Abdullah and the incoming President Vasana!

Wichien Harnpraween: Congratulations for this event and the new president.

PP Ateeb: Congratulations again P. Abdullah! Well done!! Congratulations P. Vasana!  All the best to you and your BOD! Great job event organizing committee! Thanks

PP Santi: Congratulations P Abdullah.  We all appreciate the hard work. Congratulations P Vasana.

Nicklas Ulander: Thank you P Abdulla for a nice work done. Welcome P Vasana, I have a good feeling for the upcoming year. Congratulation P Vasana. Thanks to all visiting this event.

Lalita: Congratulations to outgoing P Abdullah and incoming PE Vasana

Harald Wagner: Congratulations to the success of PP Abdullah, I would like to continue with congratulations to President Vasana under the motto

Greg Beatty: A great ceremony

Kitima Sirichai: Congratulations ka

On Paye Akkrawat Srinanrong’s musical performance:

DG Somsri: Superb!

PP Supan-Phra Nakhon: Wow! Really cool. Jeeb <3 Lovely น่ารักอ่ะ

PP Ateeb: Great music!

PP Dougie Riach: Hope one day we get to hear them live, what beautiful music and so well put together

PP Linda Cheng: Beautiful music!!

Composer Akkrawat Srinarong: Thank you krub; obviously the second song ‘Jeeb’ was shot years ago. ‘Spring is coming’ was recorded and shot during the Covid third wave, hence you don’t see us together in one take.