Re: The Rotary Club of Bangkok Foundation crowdfunding campaign “Healthy now, Healthy always.” (

We are pleased to report that a total of Baht 1,649,551.62 was crowdfunded through our crowdfunding campaign.  This includes contributions from online and offline channels, and the B. Grimm corporate match.

1)     On May 21, 2021 a team of Rotarians visited the Phrachomklao Hospital in Petchaburi Province to hand-over two Hemodialysis Machines as per our campaign goal. Currently the hospital now has 19 machines which is still not sufficient to meet the needs of kidney dialysis patients in Petchaburi province. We learnt from the Hospital Director that the patients in queue now extends to over 700 end-stage renal disease patients. Each patient needs 3 sessions of dialysis per week of 4 hours per session. Once again our sincere thanks to the donors who have contributed directly to this project. Please find some photos attached.

2)     Our second project that we crowdfunded for relates to the scholarships for nursing students to address the shortage of registered nurses in Thailand. We will screen the applicants and plan to handover the scholarships in August 2021 starting the new academic year. We shall report to you in our next update.

3)     Our last project is related to providing corrective surgery for children with cleft/lip palate deformities. We are implementing this project in partnership with the Thai Red Cross mobile clinics to attend to cases in remote rural areas.  Due to the current difficulty from the Covid pandemic in Thailand, these medical field trips have been postponed. We of course will complete this project and will keep you informed in our next newsletter.

Thank you once again for your most generous support and for your confidence in the Rotary Club of Bangkok.

Yours sincerely,

Abdullah Alawadi

President 2020-21

Rotary Club of Bangkok