Dear RCB members,


You’re invited to join RCB 4th Club Assembly and Fellowship Luncheon Meeting with birthday celebration for members born in May, on Thu./May 18’23 at Classroom 2-3, The Campus, Grand Hyatt Erawan. 


You can join us online on zoom ID:  (Password: rcb)


Main Course:

Opt.1:   Salmon apple glazed, Chardonnay, sweet potato fondant

Opt. 2: Chicken butter, Basmati rice, masala, mint sauce

Opt. 3: Eggplant Parmigiana


Note: Please direct your confirmation and selected main course to me personally within 5 p.m. of Tue./May 16 to secure your seat and preferred catering.


Yours in Rotary,

Sirikarn Praptowidjoyo (Bing)

Executive Secretary

Rotary Club of Bangkok