Dimet (Siam) Public Company Limited produce high performance protective coatings for various industrial and big construction projects, such as petrochemical plants, refineries, power plants, oil and gas platforms in the Gulf of Thailand, as well as timber finishes, decorative paint, and industrial coatings. At present, the Company manufactures and distributes 4 major business units, the characteristics of each business line is summarized as following:

Protective Coating
Protective coating used for steel structure to prevent corrosion from internal and external environments ,such as UV, sea atmosphere, industrial environment, chemical fumes, etc. Moreover, the coating will maintain its appearance in severe industrial environment for long lasting usage life. According to industrial classification, protective coatings are comprised of primer, intermediate coating and top coating.

Each layer has different function as follow:
•Primer : To prevent rust and increase adhesiveness with steel surface such as Inorganic Zinc Primer
•Intermediate : To enhance strength of coating, such as Epoxy Coating
•Top coat : To prevent surface exposure from external environments such as UV light, sea environment, and chemical atmosphere; like Polyurethane Coating.

Timber Coating
Coating used to coat timber to enhance appearance and make it more durable in actual usage. The coating is usually applied multiple layers to obtain desired characteristics, such as smoothness, shines, resistance to washing detergent, etc.

Architectural Coating
Paints used for building, home, hotel, or office building to obtain beauty and durability from various environment atmosphere. Decorative paints usually consist of primer and top coat. Some coating is flexible, prevents leakage, anti-fungus both indoor and outdoor and easily cleaned. Moreover, some coating can reflect heat from sunlight to conserve energy, and some are odorless for interior painting to prevent irritation to the residents.

Industrial Coating
Coating is applied to various industrial products and parts. Each type of industrial coating shall have different characteristics due to specific needs for each industry.


Agenda June9th 2017
9.00am Leave Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel
10am DIMET presentation
11.00am Tour around the factory
12.00pm Lunch at Nai mar restaurant, Bangpu