09 August 2018

Weekly Luncheon Meeting is at the Residence 303 & 304, M Level, Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok.

Speaker: Fahim Rahimi, Jennifer Sloot, Karin Augustat

Organization: Peace Fellow Speakers

Topic: Work in South Sudan, in Nangahar, and in the Atlantic Council

For August 9th, there will be a panel of three speakers who are all peace fellows from Class 25, Chulalongkorn Peace Center.

  1. Fahim Rahimi is from Afghanistan.  He is currently Asst Prof of English/Peace Educator at Peace Center at Nangahar U.  Rtn. Abdulla Alawadi is his Host Counselor.
  2. Jennifer Sloot is from Canada.  She is Executive Director at Atlantic Council for International Cooperation.  Rtn Vasana Mututanon is her Host Counselor.
  3. Karin Augusta is from Germany and France.  She is Program Officer, South Sudan at Mission 21, Protestant Mission Basel.  PP Santi Chatterjee is her host counselor.