Date: Saturday 27 April 2019
Time: 8:30-21:30
Place: Impact Forum, Muang Thong Thanee

Registration Fee: 2,200 Baht

Who should participate: club officers, directors, new members, potential candidates, spouses and executive secretary.

What is District Training Assembly:

In view of the annual turnover of Rotary leadership each year, special effort is required to provide club leaders with appropriate instruction for the tasks they will assume. The annual district assembly is the major leadership training event in each Rotary district of the world. The workshops offer motivation, inspiration, Rotary information and new ideas for club officers, directors and key committee chairmen of each club. Some of the most experienced district leaders conduct informative discussions on all phases of Rotary administration and service projects. The sessions give all participants valuable new ideas to make their club more effective and interesting.

Normally eight to ten delegates from each club (officers, directors, committee chairs, and all interested Rotarians both experienced and new to Rotary, etc.) are invited to attend the training session.

Another important feature is a review by the incoming district governor of the program theme and emphasis of the new RI president for the coming year. District goals and objectives are also described and plans are developed for their implementation.

The success of your Rotary club is frequently determined by the club’s full representation and participation in this annual meeting.

This event provides a continuation of this training for presidents-elect and does not duplicate what you learned at PETS. It also provides you the opportunity to train alongside the rest of your club’s leadership team on important and relevant topics.

If you are the secretary of your Rotary club, much of the success that your club will achieve will depend upon you knowing how to handle the many responsibilities of this important position in a Rotary club. Even for the seasoned secretaries, Rotary is a dynamic organization which is constantly changing to address the needs of Rotary clubs, communities and society in general. Every three years, Rotary International convenes the Council on Legislation which addresses hundreds of changes to the Rotary Club Constitution, Bylaws and Policies that directly impact your club and the role of all club officers, especially club secretaries. Making sure you are up to date on these changes is an important part of your responsibility as secretary. In addition, attending will give you new energy, great ideas and motivation to better serve your club and community as a member of your club’s leadership team.

If you are a director in your Club, as a director of your club, you have been elected to make decisions that will impact the future of your club. The sessions will help you better understand the issues faced by your club and your officers that you will be asked to vote on as you serve as a director. Additionally, the sessions will enhance your understanding of Rotary, its objects and mission which will strengthen your club.

If you chair a committee in our Rotary club, your participation will enhance your experience as a Rotarian. Sessions will address specific functions assigned to club committees. The topics may include public relations, membership, service projects, club administration and The Rotary Foundation among others. As a committee chair, you will have the opportunity to share ideas with your peers from clubs across the district which will give you new ideas and motivation for improving your club.

And even if you have served as a district leader previously and are assuming a leadership position this year, past district leaders will benefit from updated training as Rotary International continually updates programs and leadership materials. Yearly themes and emphases change, and this meeting provide an opportunity to meet new leaders and develop rapport.

And if you are a Rotary Club member, please note that one key to a successful and growing Rotary club is informed and enthusiastic members. Attending Rotary meetings above the club level exposes you to knowledge about Rotary that will motivate you and your club will become stronger and more effective. You will also expand your personal and business network to Rotarians from across the district and you will enhance your personal leadership skills.

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