On 16 November 2018, the day that we visited Bung Sam Pan center in Phetchabun for CP project evaluation, we took the opportunity to handover a pick-up truck to Phetchabun Special Education Center as well. It was a long awaited and desperate request from the center since they have needed a vehicle for their house visits to the CP children.

P Maleeratana, PP Dr Urs D Blum and his Ann, PP Chamnong, PP Jan, Rtn Rampha, Rtn Dr Lalita and Rtn Vasana were presenters on behalf of RCB while Khun Daranee Mulkampha, Deputy director of Phetchabun center and fourteen of her members were there representing Phetchabun Center.

The therapists and teachers were all happy for this vehicle. “It is a dream come true, I feel happy that I can visit the
children more often,” said one of the therapists.

Although the majority of the fund is from the GG budget and RCB, the individual members namely — Rtn Harn –Ning Chou, Rtn Lipikorn, Rtn Surah, Rtn Suthep, Rtn Aneesha, Rtn Vasana, PP Vinai, PP Ateep, PP Chamnong, PP Suraphon and PE Pornchai should be proud that your contribution will bring some hope to the children suffering with cerebral palsy at their home.

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