Dear friends from the Rotary Club of Bangkok,
I just wanted to write a bit about the recent Special Olympics for the mentally handicapped children in the northeast region of Thailand. First of all, on behalf of us and all of the participating children as well as their support staff, we want to thank you yet again for your kindness and generosity. We’re very thankful for you all and the ongoing help that you have been to this project for the past many years. We’re sorry that none of you were able to come up for this event, but we trust that in the future at least some of you will be able to represent the Rotary Club.

As always, the children had a wonderful time and although they are technically classified as “mentally challenged”, we always feel inspired to interact with them during the games and activities because of their sincerity and simplicity. With them there are no coverups, no fake projections of who they are, etc. and that’s something we always come away thinking we ourselves should be more like.

I hope that you all enjoy the color photo pages that I compiled and that, in some way, it will help you to feel more a part of all that transpired there last month. Once again I want to say a very warm and heartfelt Thank You to you all.

Sincerely and with great appreciation,
George and Pranee

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