GG 1638011 Teaching NGOs best practices in HIV/AIDS home care for poor communities:

After the first training in Lamphun in May, we just completed the 2nd training in Nongkhai from 18th  to 22nd June 2018 for 32 persons who represented the following 9 groups:

5 participants from Phon Charoen Hospital

1 participant from Mother of Perpetual Help Centre

2 participants from Seka Hospital

3 participants from Pakkhat Hospital

1 participant from Bung Khong Long Hospital

3 participants from Sarnelli House

13 participants from Good Shepherd Sisters

2 participants from Baan Naboon Tharae

2 participants from Friends group from Phonphisai

The objective of the training was to develop the skill of health workers to enable them to undertake Home Based Care and Palliative Care for people living with AIDS under the GG program.

For this training, since none of the Rotarians from RC Bangkok could attend the opening ceremony Sister Pranee who heads the Good Shepherd Sisters in Nongkhai and runs an AIDS hospice opened the training.  Experts from Mercy Center taught Home based care according to the agreed curriculum.  One nurse from Bumrasnaradun Hospital taught all the latest developments of this disease and how to effectively live with the disease.

Upon completion, PP Santi Chatterjee attended the last day of training observed the role play by different groups which showed that they have absorbed the training and could offer home based care. She handed out certificates to 32 participants who completed the training in the afternoon of 22nd June.

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